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Pet Laser Surgery

Veterinary Laser Surgery: Less Stress, Less Pain, Less Worry

In human medicine, many surgeries are now done with laser technology. Lawndale Pet Hospital has invested in this technology because it offers pets the same benefits people receive.

What is the difference between laser surgery and traditional surgery in pets?

Traditional veterinary surgery is done with a scalpel. Many surgeries can be done using this method as long as adequate pain management protocols are followed. However, the scalpel causes damage to surrounding tissues so recovery time is typically longer and more painful for the pet.

Laser surgery, as its name implies, uses a focused beam of high energy light as the cutting device. Using a laser offers pets many benefits including:

  • Decreased recovery time — The laser cuts without pushing down on and damaging the surrounding tissue as a scalpel does. With less area to heal, pets experience less pain and healing time is significantly shorter.
  • Less inflammation — Laser surgery also involves almost no pulling or tearing around the incision site, which tends to cause inflammation and irritation to the pet. Pets are more likely to leave the incision site alone as it doesn’t feel itchy or painful.
  • Decreased blood loss — As the laser cuts, it seals blood vessels. Pets that are already stressed from age, illness, or injury do not experience additional stress from loss of blood and fluids.
  • Less chance of infection — The laser kills bacteria, so the chance of a surgery-related infection drops dramatically.
  • Greater precision — Since the laser can make very precise cuts, small masses that need removal or delicate procedures are much more likely to have positive results than if they were completed with a scalpel.
  • Less time under anesthesia — Especially for older or stressed pets, being under anesthesia comes with risks. Laser surgery allows our veterinarians to more quickly complete the procedure and awaken the pet.

What types of pet procedures can be done with a laser?

Any type of surgery where an incision is made can now be done with a laser. Lawndale Pet Hospital uses the laser for both routine surgeries like spays, neuters, and declaws and more complicated surgeries including lump removal, eye surgery, and ear surgery.

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