Welcome To Our Office in Lawndale, CA .

Summer is winding down to an end for us at Lawndale Pet Hospital and construction plans are moving along well.  It has been a year since we have been working with the city of Lawndale for permits and have preliminary approval for basic layout for the clinic.   Here is the layout for the new parking lot.

This is the new exterior.  Many more windows for better lighting and easier access to the lobby.  The bus stop will be transferred to larch and 147th.

This is a concept of the new lobby.  Will be twice the size of the current lobby with bathrooms up front and separate dog / cat reception areas.  Much more open area and light.

This will be the layout for the new first floor.  We will add 2 more exam rooms, 3 more treatment tables, 1 dedicated dental table and 1 more surgery table.

This is the 2nd floor.  It will have a conference room, a break room, a phone room for taking calls, freeing up the receptionist to deal only clients in clinic.  We will be doing stem cell therapy, prp and laser therapy for rehabilitation on this floor.

This week, the structural engineers came by to assess the building and how the demolition will proceed and start working on the structural blue prints for the new building.  When complete, we will have a link available, so you can take a virtual tour of the new clinic!  After the city approves these plans, we will start looking for financing for the next step.

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