Lawndale Pet Hospital understands that losing a pet is never easy. We are pet owners too and have experienced the sadness and grief that accompany the passing of a four-legged member of our family.

Finding closure and memorializing your pet can help both to say a final goodbye and to create a lasting memory of his or her character and life.

  • Pet loss library —With information gathered from grief experts and pet owners who have experienced similar situations of losing a pet, this library offers a multitude of comforting and gently guiding resources.
  • Light a candle —In many cultures, the lighting of a candle is done in memory or in honor of a lost loved one. Use this tool to light a virtual candle for your beloved pet.
  • Pet memorial wall —The memorial wall allows you to post a memory of your pet and to offer support to others who have lost their pets.
  • Pet memorials —Writing a memorial can be an excellent way of sharing the best memories of your pet and his or her character. In addition to celebrating the pet’s life, a memorial can help to bring closure and remember the best qualities and time spent with your pet.

If you find you need greater grieving support, Lawndale Pet Hospital can provide you with the contact information for area grief support groups as well.