At Lawndale Pet Hospital we have an in-house pharmacy filled with prescription medications for your pet’s health. We also carry a complete supply of prescription foods used to treat a variety of illnesses and diseases.

We do our best to keep our pharmacy fully stocked. If we do not have what your pet needs, they can be purchased here from our fully stocked online pharmacy with free home delivery on certain orders. Please reorder your pet’s medication or prescription food at least a week in advance.

Personalized Prescription Medications

If giving your pets medication is challenging, compounded medications may be just what the doctor ordered. A compounding pharmacy prepares personalized prescription-medications for patients when a prescriber determines there’s a medical need and manufactured drugs are not appropriate or available. Compound medications are “made from scratch” – individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage-form required by each patient as directed by a prescriber. This allows a compounding pharmacist to work with patients and prescribers to customize medicines that meet a patient’s specific needs.

Our compounding pharmacy makes giving picky pets pills a breeze! Compounded medications are the same great medicine normally given as a pill, but in more convenient doses and forms and in some cases combinations of medications. For instance, medications can come in flavored liquids, micro tablets, super compressed tablets that melt in the mouth, flavored soft chews, suppositories and transdermal gels that drive the medicine thru the skin into the blood stream.

Refilling Your Pet’s Prescription

To request a refill of your pet’s medication or prescription food, please choose one of the following options:

  • Please shop our Online Store Lawndale Pet Hospital Online Pharmacy and compounding pharmacy to purchase prescription medication, pet food and pet supplies that will be shipped from our reputable distributor to your house.
  • Contact us directly at (310) 679-9522
  • Email us at

Your prescription refill can be picked up at the clinic. Ordering prescription drugs from some sources via the Internet can be risky. Please note: Prescriptions purchased through the pet portal on-line store come directly from our reputable distributor. At certain times, many of our products come with mail-in rebates and Single doses trials. Our staff is trained to inform you of all of these money-saving opportunities.